WCM Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd is run by a team of experienced management personnel in the oil & gas industry. In Malaysia, it is the market leader in the rental of Habitat System, a flexible positive-pressure enclosure, which is a high-tech automatic safety shutdown system being used in both offshore and onshore oil & gas hotwork activities.
WCM Oil & Gas is expanding gradually in the Asia Pacific and has carried out extensive long term projects with international clients including ExxonMobil, Shell, Carigali Hess, Murphy Oil, Petronas Carigali, Chevron and others.
The use of positive pressure habitats, also called welding tents or hotwork enclosure is a necessity in order for the hotwork to be performed in areas classified as hazardous without closing down the installation or plant. A key, safety system for the Flexi Habitat is the automatic shutdown system. The shutdown is automatically triggered in instances whereby a rapid rise in temperature is recorded, loss of overpressure detected, part of the equipment malfunctions, or the emergency stop is activated.

This Habitat System has been certified and recognised by international certification bodies with its advanced technology and stringent quality management system

In our team, hundreds of habitat technicians who are trained in-house with designed habitat-specific programme for carrying out Habitat System works both on and offshore that necessitates stringent requirements and skilled knowledge so as to comply with international standards.

WCM Oil and Gas provides recruitment solutions and manpower supply to the oil and gas industry. We provide professionals and technical personnel to oversee structural, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation, testing and commissioning works; supervise onshore fabrication and offshore installation works, platform operations, such as oversee production, workover, drilling operations, facilities and maintenance; and to perform scheduling, quality assurance and control, procurement, materials coordination and other related works .