WCM Machinery Sdn Bhd set out its milestone move in 1989 when it was engaged in a project in the Felda palm oil estate known as Sahabat Complex in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

Realising the potential for an extensive network of roads needed to service 116,000 hectares of estate, the company offered its expertise to operate a quarry inside Sahabat Complex on behalf of Felda. The business involved the rental of a full set of quarry equipment and ancillary machinery as well as providing workers dedicated to operating the quarry.

Transportation was also provided to distribute the quarry products to the various schemes within Sahabat Complex for the maintenance of existing roads and construction of new roads.

The reconditioning business of WCM Machinery has also made tremendous progress. In line with the Malaysian Government’s objective in promoting the reconditioning industry as outlined in the Promotion of Investment Act, 1986, WCM Machinery took this opportunity to increase business interest in this segment. In the year ended 31st December 1997, about 500 units of heavy equipment were reconditioned and sold.

Today, WCM Machinery has transformed from a quarry equipment rental company to a one-stop turnkey machinery solutions provider that services the construction, oil & gas, marine and agriculture industries. Equipment that is rented includes diesel & gas engine power generators, air compressors, welding sets, forklifts and a range of oil & gas support service equipment. Currently, our rental equipment fleet has a total number of more than one thousand units. Across the region, we are serving extensive networks of clients from different industries.

The WCM name is today, synonymous with trust and service excellence, two crucial factors that underscores its success.

The Project Rental Division focuses on rental on contract basis customised high-end diesel power generator sets for telecommunications,oil and gas and events management industries. Our in-house trained and experienced professionals are able to assess the needs of our clients accurately,and are able to recommend specific solutions and deliver the needed equipment to the worksite at competitive rates with flexible rental periods according to the needs of client.


The Light Machinery Division engages in sales, rental reconditioning, servicing and trade-in services for light machinery equipment such as generator sets (10 KVA - 1,500 KVA) for construction sector related machinery, such as air compressors (90cfm - 1,300cfm), rectifiers, bar benders, bar cutters, air breakers, welding sets, tower lights, forklifts and reach trucks.



The Contract Servicing Division specialises in designing equipment management programmes which suit our customers' needs. Depending on specific requirements, WCM Machinery's Contract Servicing Division is able to customise maintenance programmes ranging from Simple Preventive Maintenance Programmes, Total Maintenance & Repair Programmes to even Complex Equipment Management Solutions in order to meet its clients' objectives in terms of risk management, cost management, or guaranteed machine availability. The Contract Servicing Division ensures better response time, fixed maintenance and repair costs, lower operating costs, machine availability, more control over budgeting and planning, hence ultimately allowing businesses to have enough time to focus on their core business while WCM Machinery's Contract Servicing Division manages the equipment efficiently and cost-effectively.